Consultations can be made by appointment only.  Each consultation takes around 2 - 3 hours, during which Nicky will meet with you and your dog to discuss the problems and collect the relevant history and data needed for the diagnosis.  If there is a range of issues you wish to discuss, all matters can be considered under one consultation, there is no need for multiple appointments. More often than not, Nicky will want to walk with you and your dog to establish further information about the dynamics of your relationship with your dog and to observe the interaction between you.  This may happen even if the undesirable behaviour occurs within the home as this will help to establish a big picture.

If necessary, Nicky will employ a stooge dog in order to create a situation where an unknown dog can approach your dog, or perhaps a stooge person (her partner) to act as the postman/unexpected visitor or whatever is needed in your case.  Equipment can be provided to demonstrate new methods of dog handling if necessary, for example long line leads or a different collar.
Nicky will offer immediate advice to work with your dog, and within 48 hours will provide a comprehensive written report including background information, behaviour diagnostics and a functional analysis.  The advice will be clearly explained and demonstrated during the consultation until you feel comfortable with the handling of your dog.  A clear set of instructions and advice for you and your family will be included in the written report along with an indication of the time frame you should expect to work with in order to eliminate undesirable behaviour.
A follow up call is included in the consultation fee, usually taking place two to four weeks after the initial meeting in order to monitor progress and provide further advice.  Sometimes the calming of one behaviour may result in another unwanted behaviour popping up, and this can be dealt with at the time of the follow up.  Beyond this, unlimited email support can be offered in connection with your original unwanted behaviour.
If you wish to make an appointment, please go to the Contact us page and get in touch.